5 Productivity Hacks

5 Productivity Hacks

There are many tools to help us with our productivity, but instead, why don’t we focus on learning techniques, and habitual changes to help us? Let’s call these productivity hacks.

A problem with today’s work culture is that there is an emphasis on being busy and we don’t stop. When we have completed our to-do list we don’t think we have done enough. This is not a good mentality to have. It will wear us out. And sometimes that is a reflection of company culture

Let’s go over some techniques.

#1. Block Distracting apps/websites

We all do it. Check our social media accounts or text. But do you know how often? The average worker can’t go more than six (6) minutes without looking at their phone. Naturally, our social life and work life revolves around digital media and the constant checking of notifications is a distraction that hinders our ability to focus on the project at hand.

Turn off your phone, put it far enough away from you that you have to get up to get it, and/or block websites. One or all of these things will keep you free from digital distractions and keep you focused on what needs to get done.

#2. Say “no”

Saying “no” to a client, peer, etc. can be hard, because you know, we don’t want to stop. But we must consider what the constant “yes” can do for the quality of the work we will provide. If you are taking on too much, say “no”. Be able to recognize when you should not take on more. 

Don’t forget, you have every right to refuse to work on the weekends and evenings. Assure your client, peer, etc. are aware that you only work during certain hours and I am sure they will understand.

Say no

#3. Create a Schedule

Organization plays a big part in productivity. But simply scheduling things won’t cut it. You must make sure you are abiding by the schedule. That means being on time to the first meeting of the day. Why? Because running late for the first meeting (or any meeting) will ultimately throw off the rest of your schedule. This can impact your productivity on any given day. 

Within the schedule of meetings, phone calls, email, etc. don’t forget to add breaks. Add them between meetings to give your mind and body a rest. Make sure to take your lunch and even a snack break if you need it. The small breaks to recoup will have a huge, positive impact on your day.

#4. Stop Multitasking 

Multitasking is NOT efficient. We know this. But being able to change this habit is difficult. Try composing a list of what needs to get done on a given day, prioritize them and tackle them individually. Even if that means that you work in short bursts of time on each of them throughout the day, as long as you are working on only one of them at a time. 

#5. Turn it off at the end of the work day

Clock out and stop doing work. Going home and trying to do housework and office work sounds like multitasking, and we all know that isn’t efficient. Whatever “turn it off” looks like to you, do that. Consider this an extended break that is necessary for not only your productivity but for your mental and physical health, too.  Remember that a healthy work-life balance is important in productivity as well.

If you want to be more productive you need to have an open mind to try new ways of thinking about completing tasks and becoming organized. These 5 productivity hacks can really help!

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Local Vendors join State of the City 2022

Local Vendors join State of the City

Local vendors will join State of the City on May 12! Five Fresno food trucks will bring their delicious food and desserts to share with all attendees.

What is State of the City?

State of the City is an annual event that the Fresno Chamber of Commerce hosts. The public event invites community members to join for a presentation by Fresno’s Mayor, Jerry Dyer. Covering issues like homelessness, programs like Beautify Fresno, and economic development,  you will learn first hand the state of our city. This year Mayor Jerry Dyer will address ONE Fresno and his vision for the non-profit in 2022.


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New Year New Look

This year the event will take on a fresh look. Different from last year, the event will take place in the evening on May 12. Similar to last year, Chukchansi Park will accommodate guests as the host venue for State of the City 2022.

ONE Fresno
Tioga Sequoia

Local Vendors x State of the City

A great element that has been added this year is incorporating all and only local food and drink vendors. On the food side, Fresno Street Eats will be bringing out five of those vendors. Taco Pinto, The Curry Pizza Company, Grumpy Burger Lady’s, and Union Jacks Pasty Shack round out the food vendors. And this event wouldn’t be complete without a local favorite dessert vendor, Ampersand Ice Cream.

It doesn’t end there. Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company Beer Garden, Full Circle Brewing Co., and Crow & Wolf Brewing Company will be a part of the event. Also included in the drink line up are Modernist Craft Cocktail Bar and Quail State.

Fig & Honey Lavish Grazing will provide a grazing board for our VIP guests and Root General will set up for all attendees to shop.

State of the City 2022 will have a new, fresh look that you don’t want to miss. 

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Fresno Music Academy & Arts Grows

Fresno Music Academy Ribbon Cutting

Fresno Music Academy & Arts Grows, North

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce and Clovis Chamber of Commerce welcomed Fresno Music Academy & Arts’ second location in North Fresno.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

Fresno Music Academy & Arts grows, North! The Ribbon Cutting brought out both the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and Clovis Chamber of Commerce, friends, media, and potential students. The Fresno Chamber of Commerce presented owners Debbi Ruud and John Alden with their new membership plaque and certificate of recognition. 

Since both Chambers were in attendance FMAA got to cut the ribbon twice! “This is an exciting time in the life of Fresno Music Academy & Arts,” Ruud said after she cut the second ribbon.

What is Fresno Music Academy & Arts?

The award-winning music school has been in Fresno since 1998 and in Fresno’s Tower District since 2008. Originally named “The Voice Shop”, they renamed themselves Fresno Music Academy & Arts, but didn’t miss a beat when it came to sharing the love and knowledge of music. Over 400 lessons are taught every week to students from Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, Reedley, Madera and other surrounding communities. 

The Academy delivers lessons in piano, voice, violin, guitar, drums, ukulele and more. Available at both locations is the early childhood music program, Music FunTime. Whether you are a parent who wants their child to benefit from lessons or an adult who wants to learn anew, FMAA is the perfect choice. 

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Fresno Music Academy & Arts, North is located on the north east corner of Cedar and Nees. It sits in the back corner of the Parkwood Shopping Center. A center where you will also find a local favorite, Toledo’s Mexican Food Restaurant.

The first location is on North Wishon Ave., in Tower District. For more information check out their website or email them at info@fresnomusicacademy.com.

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What does the Chamber even do?

Fresno Chamber of Commerce

What does the Chamber even do?

A common question we hear being employees of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce is, “What does the Chamber even do?” And if I am being honest, for the first couple months of working here I couldn’t tell you.

This is What We Do

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce, like other Chambers (Clovis Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc.), wants to help further the interests of businesses in the Central Valley. This happens through effective advocacy, education and relationship building. And while Chambers are not a government entity, it will often lobby the government at the local, state, or national level.

You Should Become a Member

Like I mentioned earlier, for the first couple months I worked here I couldn’t tell you what the Chamber did, so I definitely couldn’t tell you why you should join. Well, once I really got settled in and understood my position I began to see why someone would become a member. 

While there are many benefits to becoming a member, in full transparency (I tell everyone who asks about membership), you will get from it what you put in. You will have the opportunity to network and build relationships. There will be a variety of resources you will have access to. Your business will get exposure and grow. And, you will see all those benefits if you show up. Something I see too often is a business becoming a member and never getting involved. 


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Show Up

Whether it is one of our monthly mixers, a new members’ ribbon cutting, becoming an ambassador, or attending any of our signature events, show up! I have been to every event and ambassador meeting since August 2021 and have seen many connections made.

Advance Auto Parts is now giving Fresno Pacific University’s nursing program an ongoing scholarship because of the connection they made at a Fresno Chamber Coffee & Commerce. SanDayv CBD made a connection with Fresno State Athletics at our Tailgate Mixer and is now the first CBD company to partner with them. This is huge, and it proves the opportunity is there for big and small companies alike.

You have to show up! You will get what you put in.


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Importance of Company Culture

Fresno Chamber Company Culture

Company Culture: Do You Have a Good One?

The importance of company culture is something a business cannot ignore, as it can create an environment that employees want to be a part of. So, when it comes to company culture, do you have a good one?

Importance of Company Culture

A strong, fun, inclusive company culture is important for many reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is because employees will enjoy going to work and will become great employees. Companies with strong cultures create a group of employees who interact well with one another and have a common goal.

Culture also can attract good employees and more importantly, retain them. Employee retention is so important and by creating a culture that recognizes those employees will increase it.

How to Create it

Company culture, while it will take time, isn’t a difficult thing to create. There are many ways to build it and it will take more than one way to do so. In no particular order, the first thing is to focus on positivity. Everyday employees should express gratitude and praise for one another. If you are a manager do not let a day go by without praising an employee on a job well done.

Communication, as we all know, is the key to many things. In this case, a company culture can improve so much with communication. Having an open-door policy is a great way to let employees know that they are welcome. Asking employees to be a part of decision making, for ideas, and to be more involved will start great communication amongst the staff. This of course will lead to a better culture.

Promote a healthy work-life balance, because it is important. Encouraging employees to enjoy their evenings and weekends without replying to emails or doing any office work can be a game changer, not only for the culture but for an employee’s mental health. When your employee clocks out no more should be asked of them.

So many other elements help create a good company culture. Things like flexibility, trust (which will come with communication), and fun work environment will all play a part in a company’s culture and why employees will choose to stay.

work life balance

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