It’s Just the Beginning

Upon graduating from the Leadership Fresno program, you are automatically given a 50% discount on your membership in the Leadership Fresno Alumni Association for twelve months. The Leadership Fresno Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that:

  • Provides a forum for Leadership Fresno graduates to associate with class members and network with other class members.
  • Supports the stability and long-term growth of the Leadership Fresno program.
  • Provides an area for discussion of community interests and facilitates community involvement.
  • Provides scholarships to deserving class members to offset program tuition costs. Learn more about the scholarship program.

The current dues for the Leadership Fresno Alumni Association are $50 annually and entitle members to the following additional benefits:

  • Access to private Fireside Chat programs held 2 times a year
  • Discount to the LFAA Annual Fresno State Tailgate
  • Discounts to Holiday parties and events
  • Private access to all graduates contact information & profiles
  • Support Scholarships for future Leadership Fresno Classes

Board of Directors

Christa Short – President (2019)
Class 27 – Terry’s House

Andrea Kennedy – Past President
Class 28 – Santé Health System

Israel Reyes– President Elect (2020)
Class 31 – Fresno Police Department

Travis Jeffus – Treasurer
Class 24 – Central Valley Community Foundation

Kathryn Weakland – Secretary
Class 28 – Fresno Boys and Girls Club

DeDe Darnell – Director
Class 28 – Darden Architects

Kerri Horn – Director
Class 24 – Central Valley Community Foundation

Blair Martin – Director
Class 32 – Wawona Frozen Foods

Martin Suarez  – Director
Class 32 – California Teaching Fellows Foundation

Eddie Zamora – Director
Class 30 – Noble Credit Union