The Help Wanted California Coalition is made up of businesses, organizations, and individuals from throughout California who are advocating for reasonable policy solutions that encourage employees return-to-work  

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce represents over 1,000 local businesses and their more than 78,000 employees in the San Joaquin Valley. It will come as no surprise that the pandemic has been difficult for all of our members, their families and our communities. However, we now face a new challenge, one that compounds our existing problems and presents a significant impediment to our attempts to support the reopening of the California economy.

California businesses are struggling to recruit and retain employees. Despite feverish consumer activity, businesses across the state are being forced to reduce services, curtail hours, burden their few existing employees, or, at worst, remain closed because they do not have a sufficient number of employees to keep their doors open. Like thousands of California businesses, we at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce hung a “Help Wanted” sign on our door this week as we launched the “Help Wanted California” campaign.

With federal expanded unemployment benefits set to expire in just a few weeks, we believe it is time to advocate for incentives that encourage employees to return to work, including, but not limited to:

  • Implementing new financial incentives to both employees and small businesses to encourage people to return to work; and
  • Programs to offset the cost of childcare for returning workers, much like AB 131, which the Fresno Chamber was supportive of; and
  • Providing rental assistance programs to returning workers; and
  • Continuing funding of no-cost vaccinations programs to keep workers safe as they return to work.

At its best, the California business community is innovative, industrious, and inclusive. This fact is in large part due to a skilled, committed, and competitively compensated workforce. The collaboration of small business owners, employees, and satisfied customers is key to a vibrant community.

The Fresno Chamber of Commerce and our partners stand ready to support a reasonable policy solution to this very challenging problem.


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The Help Wanted California Coalition is pleased to have received a coalition letter to Governor Newsom from the Central Valley delegation. To view the letter, click on the link below.