Special Edition This Week in Government Affairs – Issue Tracking


In Brief:

This special edition of This Week in Government Affairs will give you an overview on the issues that we are tracking going into this Summer. From local to state issues — these are our priorities.

June 4, 2018

This Week in Brief

Local Issues:

  • Mayor Lee Brand has unveiled his $1.115 million fiscal year 2018-19 City of Fresno Budget. Our organization will be reviewing it and possibly weighing in on it in the coming weeks.

State Issues:

  • Last Monday was the California State Legislature’s House of Origin deadline, where bills had to make it out of the house in which they originated. Stay tuned for a SPECIAL EDITION of This Week in Government Affairs for a breakdown on the bills we are tracking.


  • Don’t forget to vote in tomorrow’s June Primary Election! Stay tuned for a special message from our President/CEO Nathan Ahle.

May 21, 2018

This Week in Brief

Local Issues:

  • Mayor Brand will present his initial plan for the 2018-19 FY City of Fresno Budget
  • The council will hear a presentation on marijuana regulations and taxes

State Issues:

  • The Governor Jerry Brown presented his May revision to the annual state budget and warned against using the $7.5 billion currently being held in the discretionary surplus fund.
  • Bills are currently making their way through the committee process, with many of them currently being held in the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees.
  • Our organization’s board and staff will be traveling to Sacramento to discuss our state issue priorities with our elected officials.

Federal Level:

  • The Farm Bill failed passage in the house.
  • There has been no movement on the two different immigration bills being held in the house.


  • Absentee ballots are out, don’t forget to send yours in, click here to see our recommendations for the June 5th Primary election.


  • Eggs and Issues this Friday on Immigration, click here to get your ticket before registration closes!

May 14, 2018

This Week in Brief
Local Issues:
  • The Fresno City Council will be having a workshop on the upcoming 2020 Census at their meeting this Thursday

State Issues:

  • The Fresno Chamber has weighed in on 48 bills already in 2018, with many letters sent to legislators in support or opposition. We have weighed in on more than a dozen Job Killer pieces of legislation and are a part of statewide coalitions to stop these bills.
  • Next week our Board and staff will be visiting Sacramento to talk to our local legislators about our 2018 legislative priorities, and the issues most affecting the Central Valley business climate.

Federal Issues:

  • No progress on legislation relating to immigration reform, but kudos to Reps. Denham and Valadao for their efforts on bringing legislation to the floor.

Coming Up

April 23, 2018

This Week in Brief

Local Issues:

  • Fresno City Council ratified an incentive zone deal that will make the Ventura/Kings Canyon corridor, east of First Street, an investment priority area within the City of Fresno, the Chamber was supportive and spoke in favor of its passage.
  • The council also passed some additional regulations on Mobile Food Vendors, and background check/fingerprinting requirements for vendors primarily selling products to minors. The Chamber also spoke in support of this item.

State Issues:

  • Legislative deadlines are on the horizon. Bills must be referred from fiscal to policy committees by the close of business on April 27th.

Federal Issues:

  • We are monitoring trade issues and what they could mean to valley farmers and our Ag industry.

Events coming up:

  • Eggs and Issues on May 25th on Immigration! With speakers from the US Chamber and Immigration/DACA group Fwd.Us