This award will go to the outstanding business or individual from the Central Valley that has been in business for 10 years or less (from date on business license) and is located or headquartered in Fresno County.  The judges will be looking for clear identification of a business that exhibits an innovative product, an innovative approach, the ability to market the product beyond the valley, and evidence that this business is helping to develop our region’s local economy as well as support some aspect of the community.
Please submit nominations/submissions by Friday, December 3rd of 2021.
Please include a regularly checked email address.
There are many ways to gauge business success and they vary according to the sector. Please use measures of success that relate to this particular business. Examples might be: revenue, net profit, number of employees, being a good employer, growth, community benefits.
Examples might include: jobs, profits, real estate, uses local vendors/suppliers, contributes to public image.
Please provide details on the way this business benefits the community in one of the following areas: Social, Environment, Employment, Health, Solves a community problem
Business Information:
Customer testimonials, employee references or letters of support are encouraged.
Please include a regularly checked email address.
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