Since 1885, the Chamber has been the cornerstone of the Fresno community; playing an integral role in how our community has grown and developed. Every year the Chamber connects, educates, and advocates for over 1,000 member businesses who depend on the resources our organization provides to help their businesses grow and thrive, but also to ensure that Fresno continues to be the best place in California to live and do business.

In 1995, the Chamber built its downtown headquarters on the corner of Fresno and N Street, and over the past 28 years it has been the backdrop for press conferences and meetings with every local and state elected official who represents the greater Fresno area, welcomed foreign dignitaries, CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, candidates running for local elected office, and thousands and thousands of visitors whose first stop in Fresno is our building.

As with most 28-year-old buildings, repairs and modern upgrades are needed if we are going to continue being the organization where history is made in Fresno. By preparing our building for its future use, and investing in new technologies for our primary meeting spaces, we are demonstrating to our members, and the community at large, that we are committed to the health and economic success of Fresno’s business community for years to come. Will you support the next phase in the Chamber’s history?