Leon S. Peters Award Nomination Form


This prestigious award is given to an individual who conducts their personal and professional life in a manner consistent with the life of Leon S. Peters. Five qualifiers should be considered when making a nomination including is this individual is successful in business, is a community steward, has demonstrated a moral and ethical character, has made significant philanthropic contributions, and would be considered a professional mentor.
Check all boxes below that apply to Nominee.
Please provide a written explanation of how the nominee exemplifies the Leon S. Peters Award qualifications. You may upload an attachment at the bottom of the form with more details if needed.
Please provide contact information for the person that should be contacted in the case this nominee is selected as the winner.
You are welcome to submit a letter of recommendation for this Nominee, however it is not required. Please DO NOT engage in mass solicitation of support for this nominee. Nominations will be kept and evaluated annually for a period of five years after submission.
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