Yo'Ville Garden, Leadership Fresno Class 38 Project

About Yo'Ville Garden

The Yo’ville Community Garden Project’s primary goal is to create a just and local food system by providing residents and community members with tools, knowledge, and access to land. This is accomplished by utilizing vacant land for residents to grow food, creating opportunities to share.
In the heart of Southwest Fresno lies a remarkable 7.5-acre site hosting a 96-plot organic garden, a pioneering farm incubator program, and a vibrant children’s summer camp. Despite its rich offerings, this garden space is four miles from the closest grocery store and two miles from the nearest bus stop – quit the trek when weighted down with groceries.
Nestled between two low-income apartment communities, this garden serves as a beacon, offering essential fresh food options for local families. Beyond nourishing the community, it provides a warm and inviting space for residents to come together and forge connections.

Leadership Fresno’s goal is to enhance the Yo’ville Community Garden space by creating a safe and comfortable outdoor meeting space that will allow resident farmers and community members of all ages to gather, learn, and improve their local neighborhood.
Yo’ville Community Garden Project


  • The creation of an outdoor meeting space comprised of decomposed granite and pavers
  • Benches
  • Shade structure(s)

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