Fresno nonprofit turning the B-side into bright opportunities

by Ishshah Padilla | Wednesday, December 20, 2023

FRESNO, Calif. – The B-side is often known to be the side of a recording that typically receives less attention. According to a Fresno-based nonprofit “The B-Side Collective,” it is precisely in this lesser-explored territory that hidden gems are found. Those gems being the artists and entrepreneurs in need of a little encouragement to believe in their abilities and follow their dreams.

Francisco (Frankie) Garibay, founder of The B-Side Collective, is an IT Sales Executive/Tech Consultant at DataPath by day and a dream-seeker by night. As an art and music enthusiast, his passion is to give back to the community in a way that fosters creativity.

A life-longer ‘hustler’, as he describes himself, started as a young entrepreneur with a production company and even started a catering business that spanned over a decade. All while DJing on the side (and continues to do so today), is all a form of art and expression, according to Garibay.

He is also a member of the Fresno Chamber Ambassadors group, actively participating in ribbon-cutting, mixers, and volunteering for major events organized by the Chamber.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” by Victor Hugo is a quote that he held near and dear when the idea of The B-Side Collective started to come together about six months ago.

The nonprofit’s goal is to create a community that brings like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs together and create opportunities and resources on a larger scale.

The B-Side Collective offers networking possibilities, an upcoming podcast, and the B-Great Scholarship Fund.

According to the founder, the B-Side Podcast will focus on bringing in some local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to share their stories and “what got them past the point where they wanted to quit.”

The podcast’s first episode is expected to go live in January.

As for the scholarships, high school students who are starting their businesses or plan on going into the arts, Garibay says paying it forward is essential. He says these young people, who are taking the risk of being judged by their art, music, or business and still choose to follow that passion, deserve to be rewarded.

“If there is a little window of light and hope and if that is a $1,000 scholarship that says we believe in you and go do this. Run with those dreams, I mean you can float in dreams.”

The first round of scholarships is expected to be given at the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

Applications are anticipated to open in April.

To keep art alive, Garibay aims that this recently established nonprofit will not only serve the local community but, as it expands, extend similar opportunities and resources to people beyond Fresno.

The ‘collective’ part of the nonprofit is the community that is being created and when these artists and entrepreneurs make it, they will be able to come back to help the next generation and continue to build this network of creative minds and go-getters.

For those wanting to join the collective or donate to the scholarship fund, visit the website here and fill out the contact form for more information.

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