Fresno Chamber San Joaquin Political Academy

VISION: “A healthy business climate is fundamental to a strong economy. A strong economy is necessary for a vibrant community”

The San Joaquin Political Academy was established to further develop and enhance the leadership qualities of individuals who are committed to work with businesses to solve the region’s economic and social problems. The Academy will educate students on the issues facing the region and prepare them to run for an elected office.

Benefits of the San Joaquin Political Academy:

The Academy teaches candidates how to listen to constituents with a clear understanding of how to seek endorsements, support, and reserve the right to make independent decisions.

Successful graduates will feel secure knowing they have the knowledge and vision to put their services forward as an elected public official who is capable of offering creative solutions to the problems of the region. 

When do classes start?

The next cohort will begin in January 2023 and run until April 2023.

Classes will be held on a weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons from 5 PM- 7 PM.

What topics can I expect to learn more about?

    • Ethical Leadership Traits

    • Regional Problems and Solutions

    • Critical Thinking and Listening Skills

    • Image Consultation

    • The Electoral Process

    • Issues Impacting Business

    • Media Relations

    • Fundraising Strategies

    • Developing an Effective Campaign