This award is presented to an outstanding business from the Central Valley that has been in business for 7 years or more (from date on business license) and is located or headquartered in Fresno County.  The judges will be looking for clear identifying markers of a business that is dedicated to making the community better through business. The nominee must show devotion of time and energy to the local community in a meaningful way that goes beyond average civic duty. Furthermore, the candidate must be an advocate for continued community development; making it a better place to live and do business for their neighbors.
Please submit nominations/submissions by Friday, December 3rd of 2021.
Please include a regularly checked email address.
Examples might include: jobs, profits, real estate, uses local vendors/suppliers, contributes to public image.
Please provide details on the way this business benefits the community in one of the following areas: Social, Environment, Employment, Health, Solves a community problem
Customer testimonials, employee references or letters of support are encouraged.
Please include a regularly checked email address.
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