Fresno Chamber Launches Pro-Business Public Information Campaign


Fresno Chamber Launches Pro-Business Public Information Campaign

Fresno, Calif. (October 17, 2023) – Since 1885, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce has proudly served as the voice of the local business community, and a strong advocate for the needs of the people and institutions that drive the economy of Fresno County.

As a part of this ongoing mission, the Chamber board recently authorized the creation of the “Public Information Coordinator” staff position with the goal of highlighting important business issues and stories, told from the Chamber’s point of view.

“Meeting after meeting for a number of years, our members have been urging us to take a more proactive stance to tell the individual stories of local business.  Too often, as a group, businesses are painted with a broad brush by the media- which contributes to uninformed public policy,” says Scott Miller, President and CEO of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. “I’m excited to have our board’s support for this project to tell the human stories of business. As a group we love our community, we give back to our community, and we are hurt by bad public policy….just like other groups.”

We are happy to announce that we’ve hired local News/Digital Producer Ishshah Padilla to spearhead this effort.

“We hope to feature a diverse range of stories, focusing on the positive impacts local businesses have on the community, as well as the obstacles they encounter. These narratives will provide valuable insights into the economic landscape of Fresno and the Central Valley while highlighting the Chamber’s dedication to supporting its members.  I’m excited to present our first 3-part series on the effects of uncontrolled petty crimes on business starting this week.”

Any research, interviews, and other materials generated through the work will be shared widely with local media outlets and through the Chamber’s channels.

If you’re a local business owner facing challenges that we might be able to bring attention to, please contact Ishshah Padilla at (559) 274-6800 or