The Artist Tree has Planted itself in Fresno

The Artist Tree Dispensary

The Artist Tree Dispensary has planted itself in North Fresno. This premium cannabis dispensary is one of two of the first to open within the city limits.

Doors Open at The Artist Tree

A line of customers stretched from The Artist Tree passed three other storefronts as they patiently waited for doors to open on Monday morning. Those doors opened at 10 a.m. and customers were able to check in, enter and shop. 

Customers walked into a brand new, bright dispensary where they could shop more than 800 different products. Included in those products are edibles, gummies, cookies, thermal patches, flower pre-rolls and more. Whatever your preference you will find it at The Artist Tree.

Education & Art

You can step into the grow cube where The Artist Tree has plants on display. This is where you can learn about the plant life cycle. Self-navigate with touch screens that offer consultations and information to educate you and help pick a product that is tailored to you. So, whether you want something to energize you or relax you, you’ll find it at The Artist Tree Fresno.

The cannabis dispensary that doubles as an art gallery has an overall visual that is appealing to many. The local artwork and cannabis combination makes your visit an immersive experience.   

Safety First

Like their four Southern California locations, The Artist Tree in Fresno will have security on site 24/7 in addition to cameras and alarm. In addition, the walls of the store are layered with different materials that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to cut though. Needless to say, safety is something that The Artist Tree is taking seriously and assuring for its customers.

Pick up or Delivery

You can visit and shop The Artist Tree Dispensary seven days a week in Park Place. While opening hours differ throughout the week, the store is open until 9:50 p.m. everyday. This location also offers delivery services. 

While this is the first to open within the city limits there are a number of other dispensaries working their way through the process. That means the City of Fresno will see more open soon. Embarc Fresno Cannabis Dispensary opened on Blackstone Ave. this week as well.