Help Wanted California Coalition Urgently Seeking Reasonable Policy Solutions for Businesses Struggling to Recruit & Retain Employees

MEDIA ALERT – 8/10/21

CONTACT:       Tal Eslick, Vista Consulting, 559-318-6068 / Scott Miller, Fresno Chamber, 559-250-4992


Help Wanted California Coalition Urgently Seeking Reasonable Policy Solutions for Businesses Struggling to Recruit & Retain Employees

WHO:              The Fresno Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) organized the Help Wanted California Coalition in July 2021 after hearing from hundreds of member businesses who are struggling to recruit and retain employees. The coalition is comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals from across the state who are desperately seeking workers and as a result, policy relief from the government.

WHAT:                The Help Wanted California Coalition will be hosting a press conference to bring attention to the thousands of businesses across the state who are being forced to reduce services, curtail hours, burden their existing employees, or, at worst, remain closed because they do not have enough of employees to keep their doors open. The coalition will also use this platform to present reasonable policy solutions that could provide much needed relief to small businesses throughout California.

WHEN:            WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2021  |  10:00 a.m.


SPEAKERS:      Scott Miller, President & CEO, Fresno Chamber of Commerce

Jerry Dyer, Mayor, City of Fresno

Serge Haitayan, Owner, Belmont Car Wash

Luis Chavez, President, Fresno City Council


Additional business owners will be in attendance and available for comment after the press conference. A list of those individuals will be made available the day of. 

WHY:                    The California business community has proven both their willingness and ability to take necessary steps to keep employees and customers safe. The Chamber will continue to support and encourage these efforts, but reasonable policy solutions are also needed to encourage and incentivize employees to return to work. With federal expanded unemployment benefits set to expire in just a few weeks, the coalition is advocating for incentives that encourage employees to return to work, including, but not limited to:

  • Implementing new financial incentives to both employees and small businesses to encourage people to return to work; and
  • Programs to offset the cost of childcare for returning workers, much like AB 131, which the Fresno Chamber was supportive of; and
  • Providing rental assistance programs to returning workers; and
  • Continue funding of no-cost vaccinations programs to keep workers safe as they return to work.