What is Junior Board?


The mission of the Junior Board is to learn how to become leaders in sustaining the business environment and affect change in their schools, neighborhoods and community.

What is Junior Board?

Junior Board recognizes that the leadership and entrepreneurial skills students develop are fundamental to them along their journeys no matter what meets them post-graduation.  Therefore, this program is designed to inspire proactive leadership within the youth community. This is done by introducing participants to government officials and business leaders in key industries such as agriculture, health care, and education.

Benefits of Junior Board

 First, the Junior Board is an opportunity for high school students within Fresno County to come together so they can develop the leadership skills necessary to become changemakers in their community.  Second, Board Members will gain high quality, organized and focused volunteer experience. Finally, students will learn how to collaborate with city governments and other agencies.

What do Board Members Do?

As a member, students will be coached how to conduct meetings, public speaking and group decision making. They are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the community and businesses of Fresno. Also, students will learn how to develop project ideas, project management and implementation. 

A class project is embedded into the curriculum. This project allows students to apply their leadership knowledge as the program develops. Students will spend time in the first couple of months brainstorming and presenting project ideas until one has been chosen; then, a significant amount of time is allocated to execute their chosen project. 

Time Commitment

Students from all high schools in Fresno County are encouraged to apply! The Fresno Chamber of Commerce Junior Board program is a nine-month commitment from September to May. Board meetings are held monthly from 4:30 pm–6:30 pm at the Fresno Chamber office unless noted otherwise. Online applications can be found on the Fresno Chamber website.