April 23, 2018

This Week in Brief

Local Issues:

  • Fresno City Council ratified an incentive zone deal that will make the Ventura/Kings Canyon corridor, east of First Street, an investment priority area within the City of Fresno, the Chamber was supportive and spoke in favor of its passage.
  • The council also passed some additional regulations on Mobile Food Vendors, and background check/fingerprinting requirements for vendors primarily selling products to minors. The Chamber also spoke in support of this item.

State Issues:

  • Legislative deadlines are on the horizon. Bills must be referred from fiscal to policy committees by the close of business on April 27th.

Federal Issues:

  • We are monitoring trade issues and what they could mean to valley farmers and our Ag industry.

Events coming up:

  • Eggs and Issues on May 25th on Immigration! With speakers from the US Chamber and Immigration/DACA group Fwd.Us