April 9, 2018

This Week in Brief:

Local Issues:
  • The Fresno City Council, during last Thursday meeting, voted to ratify a deal that will bring 500 new GAP distribution center jobs to Fresno.
  • The Council also received a presentation on the Anti-Slum Enforcement Team’s (ASET) progress on rental housing inspections.
State Issues:
  • The California Chamber of Commerce has just released their 2018 JOB KILLER bill list for 2018, our GAC will be meeting this Wednesday and weighing in on many of those bills, along with statewide ballot initiatives.
Federal Issues:
  • No progress on immigration reform, and rumors that a deal on DACA will not be moving forward, both of which could be disastrous for the Central Valley.
Chamber Update:
  • Eggs and Issues, May 25th at Pardini’s, on Immigration, more details coming soon!