Work-Life Balance: It’s Important!

Work-Life Balance: It’s Important!

We are all busy. An email becomes something that you are writing while sitting at your child’s game. It isn’t fair to the email you are writing or your child. While both areas of our life need and deserve attention, a work-life balance is important!

What is Work Life Balance?

Let’s discuss what work-life balance is. It is a feeling of content in the decisions you are making, and the person you are. Balance is something that you create (through those decisions). 

For example, choosing to send an email while you are at your child’s game might make you feel bad that work is getting your attention. So, choosing not to send that email is a choice that will make you feel content. Either route you choose you have created that balance.

Work Life Balance

You Have to Want It

Wanting to create a more balanced life first requires understanding why it is important. Once you understand WHY it will be easier to make these choices and buy in. You will need to prioritize what is truly important. To do this you will need to make tough choices. The ability to make tough choices requires mental strength, courage, and resilience. But understanding the WHY will help you push through.

Being able to create a good, balanced lifestyle is up to you. If that means re-evaluating your list of priorities, do it! Maybe that means choosing to leave work at work. Also, don’t forget about you. Put yourself on your list of priorities. Make time for self-care, me time, whatever you call it. Whatever a healthy work-life balance looks like to you, do what you have to do to get it. You have to want it!


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